Duplex Restoration Project

Carr Design Group have restored a residence in South Yarra, Australia.

Muse by Axo Light

Have you seen the new fabric pendant lamp called Muse by Axo Light?

SpongeUP Lamps

Spanish designers Miguel Angel García Belmonte of POTT (The Pottery Project), have designed the ceramic SpongeUP lamps.

Drop Light

South Korea-based Doolight have introduced the Drop Light.

The ‘Drop Light’ is a brand new concept which brings us total freedom to create the interior mood via our lighting. The ‘Drop Light’ is cordless, heatless and limitless. It consists of rechargeable lights, or ‘drops’, which can be utilized as individual lamps; therefore, you can locate them anywhere in your home, adjust their intensity and create limitless moods.

Weaver Light

An exotic, artisanal delight suspended overhead, these modern macrame light shades by Aussie company Satelight make a fab focal point in any room. The Weaver light shade line was not only inspired by, but also hand-crafted by a macrame artist; its diffuser woven from nylon rope, boasting an organic shape and an elaborate motif that manipulates light and casts complex shadows on its subjects below.