Light but Stable Furniture

Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis has created a collection of furniture made from basalt fibers for the manufacturer Maffam Freeform.

The company “Maffam Freeform” offers hand-made furniture for garden or terraces, as well as stylish design  objects.  “I  wanted  to find and think  of  something unique. Something new and  I did  it,” says designer Raimonds  Cirulis.  He  is  the  first person  in  the  world who makes furniture from basalt fibers.

Silestone Slab Vases

Form Us With Love and Cosentino present a project exploring the quartz surface Silestone.


Now that spring is on it’s way, we have to add more color to the spaces we inhabit. These sofas are fresh and with a touch of color from other accessories such as pillows, vases, lamps you can revive any space in the home.

The design of the sofas’ is modern with straight and round lines, which ensure a comfortable seating experience.

SCRW Stool

German designer Manuel Welsky has created the SCRW stool.

Inspiration for this two-piece furniture was an object from everyday life: The bottle corks. Simple and aesthetically it rotates out of the bottle, and simple and aesthetically should be the principle of “SCREW”.

SpongeUP Lamps

Spanish designers Miguel Angel García Belmonte of POTT (The Pottery Project), have designed the ceramic SpongeUP lamps.