Wonderful Glass Tiles

You are looking for the perfect item to get a modern and extremely appealing bathroom? I found the perfect solution for you. The wonderful glass tiles from NellaVetrina is the perfect solution for your search. It does not only add a touch of luxury to your bathroom but with it you can also create an attraction zone in a certain area of your bathroom.

Velvet Sofas

Not only perfect for a classical environment but also pretty suitable for modern decorated spaces, these Velvet Sofas by Coleccion Alexandra are the perfect choice for any space that needs a touch of glamour. Suitable for being the center piece or just completing the space they are extremely comfortable and luxurious.

Gold Lamp

These Eva gold lamps with golden lamp shades by Masiero are embracing this year’s hottest color and trend in home decor.

Dice Radiator

ID-EE, which specializes in the creative and unusual home radiators production, offers an interesting model for truly fans of gambling.

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