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New Year and Christmas Destination

  • IceHotel - Show Me What You Got
  • Holiday Destination
  • Icehotel - The Flying Buttress
  • IceHotel - Caesare's Wake
  • IceHotel - Eye Suite
  • IceHotel - Love Your Time Room
  • Icehotel - Elefant in the Room
  • IceHotel - Under the Arctic Skin Room
  • IceHotel in Sweden - Fractus Room
  • IceHotel in Sweden - Love Capsule Room

The truth is, not all of us like to spend Christmas or New Year at home. Some do not have time for all that party cooking, others simply are not that fond of spending the holidays in the same place with the same people.

Actually, it could be kinda fun to spend each Christmas or New Year in a new place, with your family or friends. If your loved ones are there, you can go around the globe during your lifetime, just traveling during Christmas and / or New Year. I dare to say that’s not a bad idea!

For this year’s holidays a great place would be the Icehotel in Sweden. In the freezing mood of the season, this place is totally and completely made out of ice.

The Icehotel is located in a small village of Jukkasjärvi in the north of Sweden. The fascinating thing is that each year this hotel is rebuilt, and each year it features the work of various artists and designers. Each year this fantasy world melts down and it’s returned to nature. Simply fascinating!

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow! That hotel looks amazing. I can only imagine how expensive that place is though.

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