Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

Porcelain Christmas Tree 2013

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Give Your Home a Post-Xmas Freshener

Christmas brings with it plenty of socialising with friends and family, and while this is something to be enjoyed (most of the time!) it can take its toll on your home. If your décor is already starting to look a bit shabby, filling your home with guests over the festive period could leave it in dire need of some TLC! Come January then, you might need some tips for a budget spruce-up of your home, so read on…

The walls

Tatty wallpaper or marked paintwork can make a house look very scruffy, but it is a common problem after a period of festive frivolity. Luckily, this is easy to fix if you’re prepared to put in the effort. Strip back that wallpaper and think about adding a splash of colour in its place, but be careful not to overdo it. Something bright on one or two walls and a white on the others gives a refreshing new look (don’t mix colours though, it can be overpowering). You can also complement the new colours with matching accessories, such as picture frames.


If you have wooden furniture, the spills and scrapes of a festive party can leave its mark, but don’t be afraid to be bold. With a bit of care, wood surfaces can be sanded back using a fine grain to look good as new again with or without varnish – you can even paint them to fit in with your new colour scheme. Adding new door handles will really finish off the look.

The floors

If that carpet has definitely seen better days, it might be time for new. But before you splash out on another one, it’s worth considering the alternative: hardwood flooring. Not only is it cheaper than carpet, it’s also easier to clean and more durable, therefore making it longer lasting. You also don’t have to worry about that period of spillage-fear you have in the first weeks of having a new carpet! Just remember, however, that switching to hardwood floors may change the aesthetic of your room.

These tips are relatively simple to achieve if you put in the work, but will really give your house a new feel and a new lease of life for the new year.

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