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DIY for Christmas Decorations

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While searching for a Christmas post idea, i found the DIY Floral Christmas Star. It seems easy but i bet it’s not! Let me know how difficult it is if you got the courage to try it out!

This Christmas star is a perfect crafts project for Holidays season. It can decorate any of your rooms as a Christmas wreath, become a centerpiece of your Christmas table or become a gift to your friends. In tutorial we will make the purple star but you can easily chose flowers and ball ornaments of any other color you like.


  • 3-4 Eustoma flowers
  • Floral sponge
  • Fir branches
  • Pink raffia
  • Thick aluminum wire
  • Thin aluminum wire
  • Purple Christmas ball ornaments
  • Gift wrapping paper with a purple pattern
  • Floral wire
  • Silver beads on thing wire
  • Knife, scissors, pruner.


  • First, we need to make a frame for our floral composition. Bend thick wire in the form of the star.
  • Wrap all stars’ rays with silver beads. The middle should be free to insert the flowers.
  • Tie ball ornaments to the stars’ rays
  • Cut a few small blocks of the floral sponge and wrap them in the gift paper. Glue ends of the paper.
  • Decorate small gifts you got with ribbons (pink raffia you prepared).
  • Insert Eustomy’s twigs in the middle of the star. Cover them with fir branches and bind all together with the raffia.
  • Insert our small gift boxes into the composition with the floral wire.
  • Cut twigs and branches ends. You can put the composition into the vase our hang somewhere.

It’s a wonderful piece! Enjoy!

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