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Christmas Trends 2011

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It’s already December and everywhere you can hear Christmas songs and see plenty of decorations laying on the shelves of the stores. The colors, the joy, the snow and all the stuff that gets you in the Christmas mood are already here, only one question remains unanswered and that is : Which are the Christmas 2011 Trends?

Depending on the budget you have for decorating the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Table you can mix the old decorations with some new ones or you can completely renew your Christmas Decoration Collection.

2011 Christmas Trends mean not only plenty of color, at your choice mainly but also mixing different type of materials in decorating both the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Table.

         Christmas Tree Decorations

If you do not have a budget limit when purchasing new Christmas Tree decorations then you can go all out on purple globes, bows, tinsel but you can also mix the purple decorations with a touch of silver. Let’s not forget about wonderful handmade decorations, which add a special touch to any Christmas Tree, you can use the ones you already have in your decorations collection, wood handmade trains, knitted stuff that looks so pretty on your Christmas Tree (you can dye the knitted stuff if you want everything to be in the same tone).

Depending on the size of the Tree you can purchase big or small globes, the 2011 Christmas Trends say that big globes are in but you have to take into consideration the size of your Tree, otherwise you risk to have a silly looking Tree. Big globes in dark purple or any other shades of purple are the perfect decorations for the 2011 Christmas Tree.

When it comes to the Christmas Tree the purple and silver mix of colors is the perfect choice if you want a Tree that’s in this winter.

           Decoration the Christmas Table

When it comes to choosing the colors for the Christmas Table, usually what most people have in mind is red and white and maybe a touch of silver. This year is the time to make a change! You already have a purple decorated Christmas Tree, now it’s time to match your Tree with the Christmas Table.

A dark purple Tablecloth, with some white, silver or even purple napkins would make the perfect décor for a family Christmas Dinner.

You could also play it the other way, white tablecloth and dark purple tableware, and let’s not forget the essential stuff such as some dark purple candles mixed with some white ones, some globes and a nice central piece made out of fir, globes and tinsel to complete the perfect décor.

In the next Christmas Related Post you can find out more about central pieces that help you complete the Christmas Table.

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