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Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas

  • Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas
  • Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas1
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Color is a great way to bring some fabulous festive flair to your tabletop this holiday season. As the focal point of your holiday home, the table will be the center of attention; the hotspot for guests when they arrive and the place where they linger over cocktails and conversation after a great meal. Create a memorable tabletop that they will want to sit at (and admire!) until next Christmas rolls around. Whether you are drawn to more traditional hues like red and white, or have a more modern vision of sugarplum-inspired purples and wintergreen teal, here are some no-fail decorating ideas, color schemes and centerpieces that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Red, White and Holiday-Ready

You just can’t go wrong with the classic color combination of red and white. It’s timeless and evocative of all things Christmas – snowflakes, spice, berries, and of course, jolly old Saint. Nick. But if you’re not crazy about dozens of Santas dancing circles around your tabletop, inspire the holidays by drawing on those traditional colors in more subtle ways. Crisp white table linens and napkins, red dinnerware, and a few whimsical winter-themed decorations go a long way to welcoming the Christmas spirit.

Ravishing Red

Baby it’s cold outside, so warm up your home and your tabletop with this hottest hue. Red is a color that is said to stimulate conversation and appetite – perfect for any dinner party. There will always be a place at the head of the table for this traditional Christmas color. Dress the table in bold red plaid linens and dinnerware, and decorate with red berries or a luscious centerpiece of shiny red apples that look good enough to eat!

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Who says Bing Crosby’s famous lyrics refer only to the winter weather? Inspired by delicate snowflakes, angels and feathers, and frost forming on the window panes, these elegant white tabletops evoke a winter wonderland without ever leaving the comfort – or warmth! – of home. There’s something so graceful and pleasing about an all-white table setting, and what better time than Christmas time to break out your very best?

Teal-Touched Tabletops

When the holidays roll around, green is synonymous with evergreens and candy canes, and has always been one of the three traditional Christmas colors – a natural pairing with red and white. But this year, lighten and brighten up your tabletop color palette with a more contemporary shade of this classic hue – teal.

Visions of Sugarplum Purple

It’s rich, it’s regal, and it’s today’s IT color, from the fashion runways to your tabletop. It’s purple. This vibrant hue simply screams celebrate, and will take your table from Christmas to New Year’s Eve with pizzazz. Paired with silver, the result is a dramatic, dazzling display that’s sure to wow your guests.



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