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Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

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Christmas Cleaning

It is known to all of us that there is an important process that takes place once the winter leaves, and this is Spring Cleaning. Even though we clean daily, weekly or according to a schedule, from time to time it comes the moment when you have to do a more intensive cleaning which means not only dusting, washing and changing sheets but also other important actions.

1. Decorations

When the Christmas Season comes it is time to put away all the autumn and/or summer decorations and replace them with pretty candles in the colors that you have chosen for the 2011 Christmas Season. Do not forget the colored, scented dry leaves and flowers, which complete the décor perfectly.

Christmas Lights are also an important part of the decorating process. You can use the lights both indoor and outdoor, having a varied range of colors and shapes at hand.

Christmas Figurines such as Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Reindeer can be placed on the lawn or on the balcony so that all your neighbours envy you for the wonderful decorated house.

2. Christmas Cleaning

Dusting more than the usual is what most of us do when Christmas comes, due to the fact that visitors are more likely to come now that you have some free from work days.

Washing all the autumn clothes that you will not touch until next year is also something that you should do in order to be able to put them away and make space for all the pretty winter clothes.

3. Accessories

Globes, bows and tinsel can be used in the most simple way to accessorize your home and get it in the Christmas Mood. Color and shimmer has to be everywhere, lights and candles can not miss from any home. Hot chocolate, biscuits, cookies and tea are the ingredients that should not miss from any home, and we can not forget CANDY CANE!!!


Starting with Christmas Cleaning and going on with decorating the house for Christmas, singing Christmas Songs, getting yourself and your living space ready for the Christmas Feast is extremely important, with this you can get in the perfect Christmas Spirit.

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