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August 26, 2014 Comments (2) Views: 4016 Accesories, Outdoor

Walnut Hammock

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  • Walnut Hammock
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It’s a a hammock made out of 700 pieces of walnut, brought together by a paracord, thus it’s name is The Para Hammock.

It was designed by Chaffee Graham from 4th Period Woodshop and it’s both comfortable and appealing to one’s eye. It huggs and embraces you, offering the ultimate hammock experience.

Not only it would be perfect for your patio or back yard but you could also grab it with you in any outdoor trips that imply relaxation so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a comfortable way.

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2 Responses to Walnut Hammock

  1. craig ballantyne says:

    I am loving the walnut hammock it would look lovely on my porch how much is it and where will i but it from.

  2. Hey Craig, Shoot me an email at I am the designer and maker of the Para Hammock. Glad you like it and would love to get one on your pourch!

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