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October 9, 2008 Comments (1) Views: 2036 Outdoor

Vertical Living Walls

  • Vertical Living Walls
  • Vertical Living Walls
  • Vertical Living Walls
  • Vertical Living Walls

Are you tired of looking at the dead walls in your house?

Do you want to see your walls beginning to come alive with greenery?

Getting your home to smell and look fresh is a really tiresome task?

That means that you didn’t find out about handy innovations like the Vertical Living Walls, designed by Giulio Sbarigia, which will certainly make  all of the above possible by bringing the freshness of a garden in your home.

Designed to purify and cleanse the air inside closed spaces naturally, the wall-mounted planters can easily house air-cleansing greens such as Edera, Ficus, Vaudosie and Nephrolepsis. Retractable wheels make moving the planters almost effortless while water vaporizers and an in-built LED backlight help create a calm and relaxed ambiance inside your home.

The water vaporizers in the Vertical Living Walls help recycle the air inside homes more naturally and without any of the side effects that chemical based air purifiers may have. And since the design is created to be mounted on the wall, it takes up less floor space, while adding to the décor beautifully.

The design exists for the time being only as a concept though the sheer appeal of the innovation warrant that it should be commercially produced in the future. As a costumer i can’t wait to see it into stores and be able to purchase it.

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  1. Ed Lopez says:

    How do I get more information about products I am interested in? I can’t find info on price, how to order or anything.
    Or there is so much on this page that I don’t see it? Help?

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