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White is Right – the Benefits of Simplicity in Home Décor

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 Some people shy away from too much white in their home décor. But get it right, and you can really add a wow factor to any room. White is also a perfect way to add a sense of spaciousness to smaller living spaces. So don’t be frightened of it, here are seven tips to produce clean, simple sophistication that is simultaneously warm and homely.

A blank canvas

White creates a blank canvas on which you can create the unique look of your dreams. Start with white walls and check out the huge choice of different white internal doors from and you will get a clear, undiluted vision of what really inspires your room.

Consider the soft furnishings too

Many people are nervous about a white sofa, fearing that it will show up every mark and stain. If your house is constantly full of muddy dogs, messy kids and people spilling glasses of red wine, then you probably have a point. But then again, wouldn’t you prefer to see those marks and deal with them straight away, rather than living with dirty furniture where the stains are hidden but still present?

Leather, or cheaper imitations, are easy to keep clean and look amazing and contemporary in white.

A clean and sparkling kitchen

Whether you are going with a modern or traditional look in the kitchen, white will fit the bill. It pairs equally well with the classic pine farmhouse look or with futuristic metal or marble surfaces.

Of course, it will blend perfectly with your white appliances, too, and many homeowners love the clean and hygienic ambiance created by a sparkly white kitchen area.

Blending white with white

There are numerous shades of white available, so if you think an all-white approach lacks warmth or originality, try layering different shades with creams, greys and so on.

Experiment with different patterns, textures and materials to create depth. This is a technique that works particularly well in a bedroom, where you can incorporate curtains, bed linen, an upholstered headboard and other such areas into the overall design.

Give a piece of artwork centre stage

Remember what we said earlier about a blank canvas? Well, here’s your chance to place a real one onto it. If you have a picture or even a feature, such as a fireplace, that you want to really showcase, then a white backdrop will effortlessly do exactly that.

Changing with the seasons

Many people go to great lengths to make a room light and airy in the summer or warm and cozy in the winter, but the constantly changing seasons mean that you are forever trying to keep up. White provides the perfect backdrop to accessorize with throws, accessories, cushion covers and even wall hangings, transforming your summer living space into a comforting winter hideaway in a matter of minutes.

Flashes of colour

Finally, remember, white matches perfectly with any other colour. How about a white tiled wall interspersed with some red or yellow tiles to add depth and interest to your kitchen or bathroom?

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