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Calypso Chair

  • Calypso Chair
  • Calypso Chair
  • Calypso Chair
With increasing quality of products in the modern market, designers nowadays are becoming very precise in their designs and targeting a specific group.

With Multitasking being the flavor of the modern world, we expect everything that surrounds us to serve more than just a single purpose. The fashionable, chic and highly dexterous Calypso Chair is a complete master of all trades.

This is perhaps the ideology behind the Calypso chair, which looks to fulfill almost all needs of net surfers. Designed to bridge the gap between home, work, Internet café and any other location, the Calypso chair by Brandon Allen connects the members of Internet and music subculture with the virtual world. The multifunctional furniture unit allows different positions to the users, as they not only can study, read and write comfortably on it but can also relax and indulge in an informal conferencing. While the base of the sofa can also be used for storage space, as well as a place to store the backrest of the sofa for an additional surface area on top.

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