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Maluku Collection

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According to wikipedia, a pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 4 to 64 millimetres, it is known to come in various colors and sizes, with different harshness grades and have multiple usage purposes.

You might have a “bunch” of pebbles in a box somewhere reminding you of a pleasant or not event, or even have some of them lying on a shelf somewhere as a piece of the decor with sentimental value. It is said that pebbles are not only cute pieces of decor that can complete your room, they are also known to release positive energy in a room.

Today i want to present you an innovative way of using pebbles – an awesome furniture set which features beautiful pebble inlays. From Carlo Showroom, the “Maluku Collection” has a strong visual impact and is suited for a contemporary interior. Either they are placed within armchairs. sofas or tables, the pebbles look amazing and are a fascinating design approach. Even though you would not normally correlate small rocks with stylish living, the products in the pictures below have a well defined elegance. Carlo Showroom describe their Maluku Collection as “Proof that creativity has no boundaries, this innovative collection infuses pebble inlays into practical furnishings. Its surprising visual impact stimulates curiosity.”

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