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Double Bed in a Small Apartment

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I don’t know about you, but for me it’s extremely important to sleep in a bed, rather than a sofa.

From my point of view, sofas are for hanging out, watching a movie, playing games. But for serious, healthy and relaxing sleep, you need a large double bed.

But, what do you do if you have to move in a small apartment and still want to sleep in a double bed?

Of course someone on this planet already found a fix to your problem.

Geometrium, a russian design company has found the fix to your issue. They designed a small apartment that given the ingenuity of the designers manages to incorporate both a sofa and a bed, and still keep the place airy.

In order to have a bed integrated in the design, the designers raised one end of the living room with a level and created a space underneath which they have hidden the bed.

The colors chosen are perfectly mixed. Tones of grey, mixed with wooden accents and touches of yellow and blue. Simple, elegant, yet not boring due to the colored touches.


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