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Transit Chairs and Tables

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Designed by well known American artist Boris Bally’s Transit Chairs and Tables are both witty and innovative. They are made of recycled street signs with unique markings and patina that were earned on the road. Each chair and table are made individually so they all are truly unique. Each edge is rounded to a smooth finish. The stainless steel hardware is rust proof. Recycled champagne corks inserted on the bottom of all chair and table legs protect floors and provide added stability.

Altough the design is innovative and the looks of the chairs/tables are pretty interesting, an issue that can still be discussed about the chairs is if they offer at least the minimum of comfort they should. At my first and best view the answer is no! You need some pillows to make these chairs comfortable and to run away from the cold material they are made from. Other than that cool enough design and a great idea even more as they are made out of recycled material.

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