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July 8, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 1477 Chairs, Furniture

Nest Chair

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Looking at this chair what comes first in mind is the idea of a piece of furniture that embraces you with the aim of protecting.

The quality futon mattress allows you to use with two purposes as follows : 1st one as a nice extremely comfortable lounge chair, the 2nd one as a mattress for the guests.

Its versatility makes this piece of furniture perfect for urban settings, provided you like vivid colours and playful shapes. Designed by Danish industrial designer Anders Backe, the Nest is a simple, viable piece of furniture constructed for urban spaces.

The idea behind the furniture is to combine characteristics of the Japanese design tradition with western preference for comfort and functionality. Redesign the traditional futon bed toward a young user group, while challenging the mind-set concerning a multifunctional piece of furniture for a small area. The project was carried out as a group in a collaboration with a Danish furniture manufacturer – Karup A/S.

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