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Hammock & Rocking Chair

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  • Hammock and Rocking Chair
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  • Hammock & Rocking Chair

Three design students at MIT Institute of Design in Pune, India – Harshita Murudkar, Shivani Gulati and Mehak Philip – have had their imagination challenged by a project given by the university.

This is how they decided to design, create and built up a furniture prototype.

This piece of furniture combines the best from two pieces – the hammock and the rocking chair. We all love the comfort given by a rocking chair, and also enjoying the nature while resting in the hammock.

It seems that these ideas pushed the students to combine the best from both furniture pieces and reach an interesting result.

Comfortable, easy to move and appropriate for outdoors, these are just a few of the attributes this furniture piece has. It’s perfect for the patio, or even for the indoors. Appropriate for reading, relaxing or just enjoying the view of the nature.

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