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  • Cosmos Double Egg Chair
  • Cosmos Double Egg Chair
The Cosmos Double Egg Chair by Team Johanson for Johanson Design, Cosmos’ double-egg theme evokes shelter, intimacy, and fertility.

One could make the case, in fact, that Cosmos is an homage to both, with the enticing distinction of encouraged proximity. The Double Egg Chair is better suited to first dates, keeping you pleasantly close yet secure in your own personal space, thus encouraging the erotic tension that might develop while watching the latest horror film. This is exactly why you should consider starting your Valentine’s celebrations early by cozying up to the TV with Cosmos and your significant-other-to-be and enduring a frightening Friday-night flick. If you survive the night, who knows what might develop next? Perhaps Valentine’s Saturday will give you reason to celebrate indeed.

Cosmos is available with base finish options in black, white, chrome, satin and gold; and upholstery in cream, white, green, and red. So should it strike your fancy, you could make an enduring statement and adorn your home with the archetypal shades of L’Amour.

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