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Three Things to Remember When Designing Your New Bathroom

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The bathroom is the only room in the house where every piece of furniture needs to have a purpose and a function. We use so many products throughout the day that they usually clutter every surface, so you can’t afford to have a design that simply doesn’t work for you on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, making sure that the design fits with your every need is absolutely crucial, so here are a few things you need to remember if you’re planning on giving your bathroom a much-needed re-vamp.

 Keep function in mind

First of all, why are you giving your bathroom a new look? Is it simply that it’s fallen out of fashion, or are there some serious design flaws that you’re looking to rectify? It could be something very simple, like the fact that your towel rail is in an impossible position to reach from the shower.

Or it could be something more serious, like the fact that you have had a serious injury and now you need some safe, but very stylish, additions to your bathroom that will help improve your quality of life. Make a list of all those annoying things about your bathroom, and when you take out everything to leave a bare room for measurements, factor their solutions into your plans.

Think about space

Speaking of making like easier for yourself, you don’t want your bathroom to feel cluttered or claustrophobic, so you need to think about the amount of storage you can fit into the space available. If you have a small surface area, this will be trickier but far more important, so think about including storage units either under the sink or in small wall recesses, and consider buying fixtures that save on space.

Wall-mounted toilets conceal the cistern within the wall, reducing how far the toilet sticks out into the room. Similarly, opt for a walk-in shower, or one with a sliding door, so that you don’t have to accommodate an opening door.

Who are you buying from?

One of the most important things you should always remember when you finally come to buy your bathroom suite, is to always choose a reputable supplier or retailer. This is a big purchase you’re making, so if you aren’t happy afterwards or something breaks unexpectedly, you’ll receive a guarantee and a money-back policy with these companies.

So, how do you know that the people you buy from can be trusted? Look out for those businesses that include genuine customer reviews for their bathroom suites and products, such as those on Better Bathrooms website. It’s a sign that they’re transparent about their customer satisfaction, but you’ll also be able to look specifically at the people who purchased the products you’re interested in, and see whether they left any negative points.

Do you have any more top designing tips for bathrooms? Be sure to let readers know by posting a comment in the section below.

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