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Teacup Domino Wall in a Cafe in Poland

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I don’t know how others are but for me, the morning coffee cup is vital. It’s way more difficult to wake up properly without coffee. And even when traveling I enjoy discovering Cafes, Coffee Shops or any such places and try the coffee, as people do not prepare and serve coffee the same way all around the world.

A few days ago, i discovered an impressive project that has been implemented in a Cafe in Gdynia, Poland. The Ideograf Paulina Czurak Design Studio has created a Teacup Domino Wall out of 2740 White Teacups.

The Teacup Domino Wall is impressive and attracts all eyes. The rest of the decor is simple, even minimalist, based on a combination of wooden fibers and different tones of grey and a little touch of white for the main counter. Behind the main counter the offers and prices are written on six black chalkboards.

If you happen to travel through Poland, you should not miss visiting this Cafe in Gdynia. I know i won’t!

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