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Suspended Ceramic Vases – Epiphytes

  • Epiphytes Project
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  • Suspended Ceramic Vases - Epiphytes
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  • Ceramic Hanging Vase

The Epiphytes project redefines human relationship with indoor nature. The therms of this redefined relationship of humankind with nature are a bit different, the needs of the plants are being put on first place, rather than accommodating their needs to what we can offer.

The name of the project comes from a plant species, that does not root in the soil but leach themselves to branches and leaves of other plants.

The vases designed by the italian industrial design studio Dossofiorito are part of the Epiphytes project and they were designed to allow plants to grow naturally, undisturbed. The plants need to be watered from time to time, but as they grow they transform themselves into an organic sculpture and maybe with time into a small ecosystem.

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  1. I love the idea of these suspended ceramic vases! I think this would be great for boring workplaces. The plants will make offices look like you’re outside. They will also give you the sense of relaxation.

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