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Playful Pixelated Wall – LEGO Wall

  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall6
  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall5
  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall4
  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall1
  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall3
  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall2
  • Playful Pixelated Wall - LEGO Wall

Creative yet functional, the LEGO wall was built by the creative agency NPIRE. Residing in a rented space, they decided that a wall was needed between the kitchen and the hallway. In order to not modify the rented space, they chose to built with their own many hands a LEGO wall.

During one year, the members of NPIRE built the LEGO wall, first with their own lego, those with which they used to play during their childhood, after with bought ones. Used and recoditioned legos formed the base of this project/wall.

The childhood legos were mixed with 80 more packs of new LEGO bricks. All in all, it took one year, 80 packs of LEGO, 55,000 LEGO bricks and 2,500$ in order for the LEGO wall to be brought to life.

The finished wall is 3 foot wide, 2,80 high and has an arched entrance and the company’s logo even acts as a window to peek through. It hides the dirrty dishes in the kitchen and separates the hallway from the kitchen in a colorful cheerful way.

An attraction point in the office of a creative agency, that’s what the LEGO wall is.


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