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August 28, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1573 Decorating

One Small Apartment – Double Functionality

  • One Small Apartment - Double Functionality
    One Small Apartment - Double Functionality
  • office in small apartment
    office in small apartment
  • small apartment decorating idea
    small apartment decorating idea
  • small apartment decorating
    small apartment decorating

When moving into new apartment it’s all about making it your own, leaving a little bit of you in every room, in every corner if you dare.

It’s how it should be, the new space has to be personalized with the decorations you love the most and all the pieces collected along the way that remember you about certain moments or people.

But apart from the memories on each shelf, you will most likely find yourself looking for the perfect carpet, those perfect pillows and that suitable chair to complete your work of art.

Decorating is also about functionality, about making that space that is now your own suitable for your needs.

Sometimes even in a small apartment you feel the need to have both a working area and a living room.

The designers from CHI-TORCH have managed to mix an office area with the living room perfectly by elevating the level of the working area a little bit and also by using the television as a space divider.

An interesting idea of how to divide a larger space in two, each with it’s own personality and functionality. The accents they used, such as the white chair and the green rug and pillows add a personal touch to the space. Also an interesting choice is the painting on the right wall which catches your eyes at once. Simple, yet personal and functional, this is what they managed to transform an apartment in Taiwan into. Nicely done!

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