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January 28, 2015 Comments (3) Views: 3311 Decorating

Meeting Pods – Semi-private Booths

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Setting up an office is not easy, especially when you have a large room and every inch of space should be put to good use in a wise manner.

ID:SR designed the BBC North office in Salford, England and decided to add a popular office interior element, semi-private booths. These meeting pods, help you put to good use the dead space found at the edges of office floor. They provide intimate collaboration opportunities.

These meeting pods, would be suitable for both bars and offices, as they offer the much needed intimacy, while providing the required comfort.

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3 Responses to Meeting Pods – Semi-private Booths

  1. T Deere says:

    Where can I find the pods shown

  2. kumar says:

    Hi can you share the detail of the supplier of the meeting pods please.

  3. Daniela says:

    Dear Kumar,

    The meeting pods have been designed by ID:SR for BBC North.

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