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February 11, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 3126 Decorating

Maroccan Design by Mimar Interiors

  • Private Villa
  • Maroccan Accents
  • Chill Space
  • Maroccan Style
  • Maroccan Motif
  • Maroccan Livingroom
  • Maroccan Culture
  • Maroccan Interior
  • Maroccan Door
  • Maroccan Design
  • Maroccan Design by Mimar Interiors

The designers from Mimar Interiors set up the interior of a Private Villa in Doha, Qatar.

At first sight, it might seem overcrowded with maroccan motifs. But as you look closer and get to know the maroccan culture, you will notice that each motif is special in it’s own way and that a lot of effort is put into each detail.

It’s fascinating how they managed to mix the floors overcrowded with motifs with the maroccan wall accents. Not only each wall has it’s own focus point but also these maroccan motifs placed on the walls are enlightened by the white light accents.

Interesting is the fact that by adding white furniture to the whole maroccan mix, they managed to calm down the overcrowded motifs and the add a touch of chill to the whole living space they designed.

The mix of blue and white as main colors, is also a great choice. Moreover, the painted furniture on which you can find maroccan motifs as well, is fascinating.

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