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How to decorate your Lounge Room

Before starting to decorate your lounge room, you should be aware of the importance this room has in comparison to the whole suite in which you live. You will most likely ask yourself : WHY?! Because this is the room meant to receive your friends, the place where you hang out mostly when you got visitors, it speaks for yourself, the choices you make when decorating, it represents you and your personality.

This is why you should make a proper research before decorating such an important part of your living space. There are more options when choosing the purpose of the room, you want it to be a game-room, just a relaxation room or even both? You could even get a theme room, if you feel like it. After taking this decision you can start choosing your furniture and decorating pieces accordingly.

1. De cluttering

When it comes to de cluttering not all people are aware  of the fact that having even one pile of clutter or papers in one room can affect your brain negatively and not let you or your guests relax properly, this is why de cluttering is so important, not because it looks bad but because it makes you feel bad. This is one of the first things you should take into account before decorating any room.

2. Choosing Furniture

The second most important action you have to do is choose your furniture. It is not easy as there are so many styles of furniture you can choose from, starting with classic and of course ending with the modern one all of them have to be extremely comfortable. Regarding modern contemporary furniture there are some unwritten rules that you should follow in order to have a proper lounge and these are as follows : The furniture you choose has to be low on height and also it is recommended that you place an ottoman in front of the sofa or armchair so that you can rest your feet. When it comes to choosing the furniture some people might like to have all the furniture in their living space (or most of it) in the same color or same fabric, that is just up to you. Do not forget! In your lounge there MUST be a piece of furniture on which you can relax, other than that the rest is as you please.

3. Games, music, tea, TV or just a book and some coffee?

Although you can have all of them in this room, or you might say, any room this is the one for all these activities. When you decide which activities can be “held” in this room, take into account the pieces of furniture or accessories these activities require. For playing board games you should have a proper table, preferably low one and some cushions or pillows so people can sit on them as playing for instance Monopoly for 2-5 hours can get you a bit more than tired if you don’t find a comfortable position. When it comes to watching TV or playing console games, armchairs and sofas are the most important and you should not ignore them. Tea, coffee and reading have to be done just in a comfortable manner, no complicated pieces of furniture required.

4. What about Windows?

Choosing your curtains is not always easy, moreover if  you have such a pretentious space with which the curtains have to be in harmony. Also do not forget to pay attention to the poles as well as you can not ignore even the slightest of the details. Try and ask for some advice from a interior decorator and you will most likely get this answer : Get yourself some modern designer curtain poles! And as they are always right this is what you should do.

Through this post I hope I managed to guide you through a few of the steps needed to be done when decorating or redecorating your lounge room. Soon I will offer you some pieces of advice on how to decorate your lounge room for Christmas so stay tuned!

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