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Decorating After a Divorce

So the unthinkable has happened, and your marriage or relationship has fallen apart. You may be left with several children to take care of, or maybe there are none. Your story is very personal and very much your own. Yet no matter what kind of divorce you have gone through, whether acrimonious or what is described as “amicable,” this is one of the most stressful and difficult times in your life.

If you actually got divorced, legal expenses have probably drained your finances. If you have custody of young children, your working arrangements may well have changed. Either you weren’t working at all and you have had to find a job that fits in with school time, or you have had to cut your hours in the office due to new babysitting considerations. Maybe you have had to move out and you are now supporting your children by your former partner. Whatever the situation, chances are that you are now in a worse financial situation than you were before.

To get rid of the feelings of rejection or emptiness after the breakdown of a relationship, it is often suggested to make a new start and redecorate. But with such a small budget, you can’t always do it the way you would want to. Here are some tips, however, to make you feel better and give your home a more cheerful atmosphere:

– Banish the double bed. Why be reminded so blatantly of your past relationship or of your present loneliness? You can always bring in another bed if you remarry! You will enjoy the newfound space in your bedroom so much more.
– Sort out cupboards and drawers and get rid of any unnecessary reminders. However, if you have children, be careful when you are clearing out that you don’t throw out any photos of your former partner. Remember that he or she is still the other parent of your children, and they will get hurt if you expunge every memory that there is.
– Buy a pretty light-colored paint and paint the walls yourself. You can start slowly – a wall a day. Get your children to help you. They can also be involved in the choice of colors. It will make your home feel bright and new, even if you can’t replace everything else.
– You can now banish Aunt Agatha’s antique purple vase that he or she forced you to endure in your living room for so long. Look on the bright side – you can let your home be the way that you always wanted!
– Pamper yourself with new sheets and soft furnishings. They don’t have to cost a fortune and will make you feel special and new. New area rugs are a great indulgence. Shag rugs are soft and luxurious and will remind you that you deserve a treat. Putting your feet on its soft pile every time you get up in the morning will remind you that it really is worthwhile getting up in the morning.

Ending a relationship is no fun. But even on the lowest budget, you can still make a difference to your home. Putting your energies into rebuilding and redecorating will help you move on with your life.

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