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July 27, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 1951 Decorating

Bed Somnia

  • Bed Somnia - Innovative Bed Design
  • Bed Somnia - Innovative Bed Design1
  • Bed Somnia - Innovative Bed Design2
  • Bed Somnia - Innovative Bed Design3
  • Bed Somnia - Innovative Bed Design4

Vitamin Design spices things up in the bedroom sector with this unusual bed design – Bed Somnia. Winner of the 2011 Interior Innovation Award, this bed isn’t just a regular bed – take a closer look.

Because of how the headboard sits, in relation to the bed frame, a useful ledge/tray/display area becomes available directly behind it.

It is great place to stack some books, items you would place on a nightstand, or display a favorite collection. As seen in the pictures, you could even plant a little green space! With the possibility of such an unusual backside, this bed need not be pushed up against a wall. It could sit dead center and be interesting from all sides – it could change your bedroom dynamic forever.

Two issues solved with just one piece of furniture, that’s kinda unique .. a great and comfortable sleeping spot with a green planter integrated. Not only that the design is really catchy but also it’s the fact that combining these two pieces is a 1st. Congratulations on the idea! Innovative and awesome!

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