Bathroom Inspiration #15

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Bathroom Inspiration #16

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Today i want to present you the Bathroom Inspiration post of the month, as i promised, this year you will get a Bathroom Inspiration post every month. Most probably starting with this month i will also work on getting a Bedroom Inspiration post on every month aswell.

Meg11 bath

Smooth, sensual curves with a contemporary aesthetic – that’s the new Meg11 bath by Galassia. This bath is bowl-shaped (well, aren’t they all?) but it’s the subtle details that give it that artisan appeal. The look is hand-made, right down to the slightly turned-out lip encircling the tub’s gently undulating, asymmetrical edge. The freestanding Pietraluce bath features a flawless white finish that’s smooth and serene to the eye and to the touch, ideal for your spa at home. Sit, soak and delight in a luxurious daily ritual – the bath. The versatile Meg11 bathtub is well-suited to contemporary, minimalist and modern bathroom designs.

Esplanade Bathroom Collection

This cosmopolitan bathroom by Duravit brings that luxurious “furniture feel” back to the bathroom. The Esplanade is a collection of new fixtures for 2011, made in cooperation with Russian-German architect Sergei Tchoban. The clean, tailored silhouettes give this bathtub, toilet, bidet, cabinet and vanity a neutral feel (not masculine nor feminine), while the contrast between white ceramic and dark wood is sharp with a good dose of drama. Made for the modern, cosmopolitan consumer, this bathroom collection delivers the best of both worlds. “Contemporary opulence is about allowing that little bit more yet keeping one’s feet firmly on the ground.”

The Doll bathroom collection

The trend is “true blue” with this blue bathroom furniture by Ypsilon. The Doll bathroom collection is a modern take on a nautical theme, featuring an aqua-inspired blue hue (how fitting for the bathroom!) contrasting the bright-white countertops, legs and details. The glossy finish gives the pieces a reflective liquid quality, while the circular hardware reminds us of a porthole or wheel, adding subtly suggestive authenticity to the design. The vanity and cabinets offer lots of storage space while giving your bathrooms a splash of style.

Eden Bathroom Collection

If you’re looking for bathroom ideas for your next reno – whether the makeover is mini or major – check out these elegant, contemporary Eden designs by Cerasa. These Italian bathrooms bring life to a cool, minimalist backdrop and clean, simple silhouettes with vibrant pops of color, rich lacquered finishes, interesting shapes, and of course, lighting that can be compared to art. The modular elements let you mix and match as required, to suit your style and your space, large or small. These elegant bathrooms are described by the designer as “liberty style” – a freedom of style that will endure the test of time while keeping on top of the trends.

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