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A Guest Room You Can Decorate

Is your house the one place that everyone crashes at? If you love having guests over, you probably want a room that will reflect your hospitality as well as proving privacy and comfort of home. You can decorate your guest room to reflect the way that you appreciate your guests. Here are some great tips to help.

When you stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast, what are some of the main things you look for?

You can create the same feeling you look for when you stay away from home. You want comfort and style on a budget and you can get that by decorating your guest room.

The bed is the main attraction in a guest room.

If it doesn’t look appealing, it will probably not be comfortable. You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they open the door so arrange the bedroom to place the bed in a place that is visible from the door. If your mattress is used, purchase some thick bed liners that can help make the bed soft and cushiony. You may want to use a featherbed topper to make the bed extra soft and comfortable.

You want a new bedspread and comforter on your bed so it looks good.

Bed linens must be fresh so it’s important to keep up with the condition of the sheets. Place fresh sheets on the bed as soon as you know that guests are coming. You will need a fitted sheet, top sheet, blanket, extra blankets, and a down comforter. You will also need pillowcases that are ironed. Place area rugs at the bedside so your guest will place their feet on the rug instead of on the cold floor. You can use a bamboo rug so it will be stylish and comfortable.

Everyone has suitcases and luggage when they come to stay, so where do they place them in a guest room?

Have a bench or table that they can place their luggage on. You can get creative for a luggage rack. Just make sure that you have somewhere they can sit their luggage instead of on the bed.

Every guest room needs a chair and a table beside of it.

They may not keep the same hours as every one in the house so they will need a place to sit, relax, read a book, search on the web, or drink a cup of coffee. Use southwestern rugs or floral rugs where guests will site.

Place enough lamps in the room to provide controlled lighting in the room.

With lamps, they can turn on or off the lighting as they need it so there is not a constant glare all the time. Place a bedside lamp on the nightstand so they can turn the lights on and off without getting out of bed.

If you don’t have a closet in the room for close then you will need to purchase a portable closet.

You can find them at a home organization store. Guests need a place to put their clothes, especially if they plan to stay more then overnight.

You will also need to place a small dresser in their room.

Everyone feels more comfortable when you can take your clothes out of the suitcase and place them in a drawer to reduce wrinkles.

Provide a basket that contains pen and paper, tape, a box of tissues, a hair dryer, and some mints.

Your guests will feel welcome and comfortable every time they stay in your home.

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