Bathroom Inspiration #11

These modern bathroom designs from Delpha are impossible to take your eyes off!

What is it that makes them so irresistible? We think it’s the exquisite attention to detail… characterised by the fabulous vanities: bathroom furniture that takes centre stage. These cabinets inspire the bold designs, fabulous tiling, and other themes throughout the bathroom ideas. The Unique 63 bathroom is a Moroccan style bathroom featuring vanities in wenge wood and glossy blackcurrant. Typical of this collection by Delpha, the cabinets have a professional, almost office-like look! This will appeal to those who like to neatly file away items, keeping them close to hand, but out of sight. Unique 123 is a geometrical, stunning bathroom in Imperial Red and metallic. The white cabinet displays a refined red, stylised flower in the bottom right corner of each drawer. Zesty Unique 123 also comes in brilliant oranges and pinks. As shown here, the vanities in this bathroom have a lovely all-over floral motif. In all these bathroom pictures you’ll note the vanity cabinets are finished with simple, linear metal handles. New, from Delpha.

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  1. The colors and the designs are really awesome which depends also on the perception and liking of the individual selections.


  1. Bathroom Inspiration #11 | DesignShell.Com Home Design, Interior … | Home Improvement blog. - [...] The rest is here: Bathroom Inspiration #11 | DesignShell.Com Home Design, Interior … [...]

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