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March 25, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1576 Architecture

Sloping Green Roof at Ground Level

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  • Sloping Green Roof at Ground Level
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This residence located in Belgium has been designed by OYO architects so that the sloping green roof is located at ground level and a big part of the house is underground.

At first sight, i was sure there could not be a living space located at ground level and still have enough sunlight. Yet, there is more than enough sunlight for a residence.

Moreover, the sloping green roof blends in perfectly in the area, even if this is the only house located on that street with such an architecture.

The interior of the residence has been designed in a Scandinavian style, the designers made use of wood and warm materials. Solar panels and the green roof add energy efficiency to the house.

More green, less bricks is a good choice for any neighborhood, no matter the location or the style.

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