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Wall and Ceiling Panels with Integrated LED Lights

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As soon as i saw these panels i got fascinated! I must admit that i am amazed about how nice a whole wall would look with these panels on it.

Moreover, you can have the wall behind your bed covered in these panels and have your reading lamp and watch hidden in the panels. It’s simple, yet functional and … well, for me simply amazing.

So versatile these panels are that you can also use them to cover the ceiling, and do not need any other lighting piece, as the light can be hidden in the panels also.

The amazing idea was born from the collaboration of the designer Danny Venlet with KOVR. Everything started with the purpose of rethinking traditional lighting, and materialized into innovative architectural wall and ceiling panels that have hidden LED lighting systems within them – HYDE.

When the panels are not in use, they are simple panels, and when you turn them on, out of nowhere they light up.

The panels are available in three types of materials: raw concrete, white marble and yellow pine, and they canbe customized according to the needs of the client.

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