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Urban Environment Accents – Mygdal Plant Lamp

  • Green Corner at the Office
  • Urban Environment Accents - Mygdal Plant Lamp
  • Green Urban Environment

Some say that if you do not have flowers / plants in your apartment you’re a bad person.

Personally i wouldn’t go that far, some might not have the time to attend plants, as they have a very busy schedule  and rather than letting plants die, they prefer not to buy them at all. Others simply do not live in an apartment that has enough natural light for plants, and to this problem i have found the solution, and this is : Mygdal Plant Lamp designed by Nui Design Studio in Germany.

Our urban environment needs plants, as they can control humidity, improve our mood, reduce stress level, clean the indoor air and do many more things we could never do ourselves.

Thus, there are so many reasons for us to bring a touch of green into our home or office. With a little care and no natural light Mygdal Plant Lamp seems the perfect choice for those who do not have much natural light in their home or office.

The LED light is very similar to natural light, thus this is how the plant can grow undisturbed for years. No ventilation or irrigation system is needed.

The plant has everything it needs to grow for years in that environment.

Source and Pictures: Nui Studio

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