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Unique Flower Arrangements with Ikebana Vases

  • Ikebana Vase by Omer Polek
  • Ikebana Vase
  • Sole Flower Vase
  • Gold Vase
  • Creative Flower Arrangement

Colorful, pretty and delicate, flowers are wonderful to work with. So pretty that a while ago i was tempted to try one of those Ikebana courses, in order to learn the basics of the japanese flower arrangement art. Well, not enough time and focusing on other projects did not do much good and of course i never got to take that Ikebana course.

Still enchanted with flowers and flower arrangements i discovered the Ikebana Vases, a project of the designer Omer Polak.

His starting inspirational point for this design was the same so loved japanese Ikebana art, obvious enough even from the name given to the project.

These vases allow you to be playful and experiment different compositions, in unique designs. No other vases will allow you to expose the colorful flowers in such a way. When playing with these vases, choices and imagination are unlimited, and they are the only thing that should not be missing. Even the stem is an important part of the entire design, which it completes so well.

Just dare to be innovative and playful and with the Ikebana Vases you might get the most beautiful flower arrangements, perfect for some Instagram pics that will make all your followers jealous.


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