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Tying a Home Security System to Home Design

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Including a security system with your home’s design is an excellent way to assure both an inclusive security system a home with a design allowing comfort, convenience and security.

When designing your home, one place to start in regard to security is the installation of deadbolts on every door to your home, including any doors that connect your garage to your home itself. These dead bolts should be professional grade number one bolts that provide a strong, sturdy locking mechanism. Window locks and those for sliding glass doors should also be chosen not only for their curb appeal but for their sturdiness and durability. But speaking of curb appeal, secure dead bolts and locks don’t have to be unattractive.  Home owners will find a full variety of both styles and finishes to enhance the look of a home as well as the home’s security, from bronze to satin nickel finishes. Sturdiness, security, and attractive design choices can easily go hand in hand. Similarly, windows and doors themselves should be chosen with both the home’s attractiveness and the security of the home in mind. For security and style choose pvc windows complete with locks.

Electronic security controls should also be built into or added into a home’s design. An electronic keypad to control and monitor your home security system should be placed near the home’s entrance. Electronic key pads can also be added externally as a way to enter your home without keys, and designate unlocked or locked functionality.

Part of a good home design for home security should include adequate perimeter lighting that works to prevent would-be intruders from operating in the comfortable cover of darkness. Include walk way and drive way lights and motion sensors linked to outdoor lighting in home design options. Include timers that can be activated to turn on both outside and indoor lighting to simulate the homeowner’s presence when needed.

The placement of unobtrusive security cameras is also an important home design feature that allows home owners to monitor activities at their home and keep a visual record of any activities. It is recommended to keep outside cameras well visible since this will turn off most opportunity burglars. Indoor cameras can be less prominent using smaller dome cams or even hidden cameras.

Security cameras and security monitoring systems can be fully integrated with controls that allow for temperature extremes, monitoring of carbon monoxide, smoke and fire; and with remote control functions (including mobile apps) for monitoring and adjusting security alarms, contacting security monitoring personnel, and controlling the home environment to make the home more comfortable and secure, as well as more impervious to potential intruders.

Today, modern technology in regard to home design and home security includes automated systems that can be accessed from any location via the internet. These systems include lighting, heating, and appliance operation, and will enhance any home’s design and its security as well.

An automated home security system and home control system will upgrade your home’s design by allowing homeowners to decide when to turn on lights, heat, or air conditioning remotely. No more entering a cold, hot, or unlit home.

Including an automated system controlling temperature, lighting, and appliances, makes a home more secure. Combined with the ability to remotely control and monitor security cameras, security sensors, and perimeter lighting and alarms, these technological innovations are key factors in combining home design with home security. Further enhancing security is the home design capability of remote controlled or timed automation capability to dim or brighten lights depending on the time of day, open blinds or security shutters, and view security camera footage all regardless of a homeowner’s location.

Home design both in terms of visual beauty and practical monitoring and comfort are greatly benefitted by the combination of automation and security in one package, providing a more secure and convenient home with intelligent design.


This is a guest article written by Jeremy Kushner, who is a home security enthusiast and blogs on topics related to crime, security and home improvement. You can find more of his posts at


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