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Store the Memories in the Storyteller Cabinet

  • Store the Memories in the Storyteller Cabinet2
  • Store the Memories in the Storyteller Cabinet1
  • Store the Memories in the Storyteller Cabinet3
  • Store the Memories in the Storyteller Cabinet

The designers from Studio Baag have designed the Storyteller Cabinet.

The unique and interesting designed is based on the idea that the cabinet can and will tell stories. Appealing idea if i might say so, as we try to store memories, but we loose some, many sometimes. That’s why, when we want to remember place, people, feelings or periods of our life, sometimes we buy certain things which will remind us of those days, that person or those great moments. This is exactly what the designers had in mind when designing this cabinet.

Based on the memories idea they concluded that the things purchased to remind us of someone, sometime or somehow will be able to tell an interesting, appealing and lovely story, one, two or maybe more when placed in the peep holes of the cabinet.

The external shell of the cabinet is wallnut, while the inner side of it has a golden, warm color. The attention of the observer is caught by the magnifying glass which invites the viewer to observe each object closer.

This cabinet gives any observer a glimpse of the essence of the owner.

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