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Spring Vase Design by Designer Libero Rutilo

  • 3D Printed Vase
  • 3D Vase Design
  • Eco-friendly Vase
  • Recycling Vase
  • Spring Vase Design
  • Spring Vase Design by Designer Libero Rutilo

Even if it’s a little bit too cold outside still, we are waiting for spring with opened arms.

With it, will come spring cleaning and at least some new decorating touches, and let’s not forget the cheerful and colorful flowers. Ah, the tulips and the hyacinths! Simply lovely!

Doesn’t spring cleaning push you to redecorate at least a little bit? I know it pushes me, every time i clean i feel the need to reorganize, buy something new or change something.

With this in mind i kept searching for a new vase to keep the focus on the colorful spring flowers and found the vases designed by designer Libero Rutilo from DesignLibero who has implemented a new vase design that brings back to life plastic bottles.

His idea consists in creating a 3D printed sculptural vase exterior, that can be put over the top of a water bottle and even screwed on like a cap. There are four different vase designs that can be purchased online and printed anywhere in the world with a 3D printer.

As easy as that, you recycle and have a new vase to hold your favorite flowers.

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