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American metal artist Brandon Williams has created some outdoor fireplaces called Modfires.

It is funny how this decoration piece has been born. Brandon Williams tells the story as follows : “If my son didn’t want to roast marshmallows, you probably wouldn’t be checking this out. My wife and I really love outdoor fires and what they represent; fancy occasions, cozy moments, thoughtful conversation and of course, marshmallows…”

Brandon is right, this piece is perfect for roasting marshmallows and also for completing your yard as a decoration and very useful piece.

Handcrafted out of thick fourteen gauge steel and either unfinished or colorfully coated in glossy high-temp paint (shown), modfire is designed to be an heirloom that lasts a lifetime. It’s vented dual-wall construction safely contains the fire and helps keep the outer skin cool. At 48” tall and 22″ wide modfire is a dramatic departure from tired and boring fireplaces.

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