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Minimalist Sliding Doors

  • Minimalist Sliding Doors
  • Minimalist Sliding Doors2
  • Minimalist Sliding Doors1

Sliding doors can be the focus point of your apartment/livingroom, they can be liked or disliked, but in the end it’s all about your what you want and what you like.

A year and a few months ago, i was searching for a decent two rooms flat, it was a difficult choice because all i wanted was something special. I found it, and the most special thing about it are the sliding doors, i wouldn’t trade those doors for anything. Mine are wooden sliding doors, but the Synthesy Sliding Doors Collection by FOA are special aswell.

Minimalist and trendy, they offer a great range of glass sliding doors. A variety of designs and colors, shapes and sizes, you can find your perfect sliding doors.

The great advantage of a sliding doors is not only the fact that you save space, but also the fact that the rooms seems lighter and bigger.


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