Meltdown Lamp

Meltdown Lamp

We almost had a meltdown when we caught a glimpse of the new Meltdown Lamp from Italian company Cappellini. Young Swedish designer Johan Lindsten created this funky colored-glass globe, blown by hand into a mold with a dip at the bottom to cradle the light bulb. True to its name, the Meltdown lamp indeed looks like it’s melting downward.

These pendants come in a pleasing palette of pastels to choose from: gray, pink, tobacco, blue, amethyst, amber and of course, clear. We love the look of grouping a multi-colored collection at different heights. But for a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic, choose a single shade and line them up in neat, equidistant a row, all at the same height. But then again, these lights even look good suspended solo, thoughtfully displayed off in a corner or any place you want to inject some gentle color and an interesting bit of design.

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