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Lightning Items – Aura Collection

  • Lightning Items - Aura Collection1
  • Lightning Items - Aura Collection
  • Lightning Items - Aura Collection2

Jasper van Grootel of JSPR has designed a lighting collection named Aura.

A lightning item that can add a luxurious touch to any space. Suitable for spaces such as livingrooms, offices, large rooms but also for minimalist or luxurious and modern clubs. Available in three standard colours: black, silver and gold. Every other colour is available on request.

The Aura collection consists of a variety of three circle shaped lighting items in different sizes.

Crafted of Anodized aluminium and fixed with fairground light bulbs these design objects are sophisticated yet playful. It is possible to connect thru the Aura’s; create an immense lighting object by making a range of the same or different sizes offered.


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