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Improve Creativity by Playing With Shadows

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Christmas is near and most of us are searching for gift ideas for our loved ones, and for sure the presents for our kids are the most important.

When it comes to choosing a present for our kid, it has to be interesting enough so that he does not get bored fast, but also it has to improve some skills. Educative toys are highly appreciated by parents and if used properly they will improve different skills for your little loved one.

It is well known that children are fascinated by shadows, some are even scared by them.

Based on this shadow fascination, the Swedish designer Erik Bele Hoglund has created Darkness Design. The project consists in a simple light that will allow children to create their own shadows and play with them in an easy and simple manner.

The design of the lamp resembles a bucket and it even has wooden handle that allows kids to easily carry it around. The handle can be pushed down in order to create a stand.

Children can create their own interchangeable silhouettes, which they can attach to the plexiglass screen so that they create the shadows. They can also play with the silhouettes that come with the lamp.

By creating their own puppets and scene, children can enjoy a fun trip in the silhouette world for hours at a time.


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