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Designer Toast

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First it was the smiling toast, the the three toaster came…

This is how this story starts…

Designer Xu Yan Xiang’s “Smile Cooking Toaster” is meant to stop the toasted bread from looking at you as an old grumpy man, it’s meaning is to make your bread smile back at you so that it can brighten your day.

Some of you will say that glass is not a good enough conductor, this appliance being a waste of energy but .. Wait! The difference here lies in the electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces you can use to singe on the bread. The transparent style really adds to the elegance and the timer display (with heating controls) makes sure you don’t ever burn your toasts!

Another invention from the Xu Yan Xiang designer is the “Tree Toaster”. If at your first look you thought it to be just a decorative piece, don’t blame yourself! Most of the people thought that at first view, and when they found out it’s usage they were even more impressed.

The technology used at the “Smile Cooking Toaster” and the “Tree Toaster” is the same, transparent nano-electric membrane technology is what the designer cites in support of the crisping/browning element. It’s got fancy transparent leaves that hold your bread, till they are done. It also leaves a leaf-pattern singed to your toast.

With this innovative design i know i want one of those!

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