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Colorful Rugs

  • After Matisse - Playful, colorful rugs
  • After Matisse - Playful, colorful rugs1
  • After Matisse - Playful, colorful rugs2
  • After Matisse - Playful, colorful rugs3

These ‘After Matisse’ playful rugs by Sonja are inspired by the French artist Henri Matisse’s cutout works. Cleverly designed to give the illusion of overlapping transparent colors, these vibrant rugs are sure to bring a playful modern feel to any space.

Its irregular shape gives it a unique aesthetic, while the hand carved pieces made of New Zealand wool promise a superior quality. Sonja can customize her rugs to fit the specifications or tastes of her clients. In this way, you can be sure this rug has not only the ability to be a wonderful focal point, but also one of a kind.

The wonderful rugs are perfect to complete not only a modern decorated room but you can find a place for them in a classical decorated room as well. After Matisse can make the focal point of any room or even for the lobby.

Enjoy the colors and mix and match with the rest of the decor pieces!

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