Stop Losing your Things with Geco Hub

Isn’t it frustrating when before getting out of the house for an important meeting (because that’s when it allways happens, never when you have enough time), you simply can not find your keys.

Misplacing invoices that need to be paid? Losing pens and pencils at the office?

How about forgeting all those problems and stop losing your important stuff?

Simon Lyons, an award-winning engineering graduate has found the colorful and cheerful solution for you to stop losing important things. It’s called Geco Hub, and it’s meant to keep together the things you tend to misplace the most.

Where can it be placed?

Due to it’s appealing, minimalist design and pretty colors it can be used in almost any room. Starting with the entrance, where you can use it to store keys, invoices, to do lists, sunglasses or any other thing that you might grab with you before going out the door.

Going on with the bathroom, where you can use it to store your toothbrush, toothpaste or even a small towel.

How about using it at the office? I know it would be really handy in there, holding your favourite pens/pencils, post-it notes, or even other pieces of paper with important stuff on them. These things need to be kept at hand in order for you to save time and thus save money.

We all know how many accessories a woman can have, Geco Hub can solve that problem too, by storing a few of them or even more (depending on what size you choose).

How about the space issue?

Well, in order to place Geco Hub all you need is a piece of an empty wall. It’s easier than you might think, no complicated technique needed, just some adhesive pads and it’s all set.

Although you can already buy Geco Hubs, this piece is in the raising funds phase. Even though a small Geco Hub can be bought for a decent price, the costs for producing it are not as low as you might think. This is why they need moulds in order to be able to manufacture the Geco Hub faster, easier and with lower costs.

You can send PLEDGE for this project or you can BUY your very own Geco Hub by 3rd of September 2014 from here. supports the development of Geco Hub.

Sandpaper Covered Furniture

These days, it’s all about the “returning to nature” and about furniture and accessories made with less processed materials.

Time and wear leave a print on most natural materials and this is the concept from which the Grit Collection started. The industrial israeli designer Avi Fedida choose as the main material for his furniture and lighting collection sandpaper.

Wild Wood and Aluminium

It’s all about the mix of wild wood and aluminium, about their stories and what rough furniture pieces they can give birth to.

The Wood is wild, as it’s unprocessed, almost as if yesterday it was cut out of the forest and mixed with the aluminium. The latter was cast onto the wood in order to complete the pieces lacking from the wood piece.

Modular Bench – DNA

The inspiration for this modular bench came from the dynamic forms of biogenetics.

Made from one plywood piece and shaped after the helix form, it’s comfortable and suitable for waiting spaces and not only. A piece like this could perfectly fit the waiting ares of large malls, minimalist waiting rooms for offices.

Shape Your Own Lamp – Proplamp

Sometimes you search for the perfect lightning piece, that suits the room and adds a little “i don’t know what” to it.

Even if you don’t have an ideea about how it’s supposed to look, in terms of form, fabric or even color, you are 100% sure that what you’ve seen so far in the stores isn’t right for the room.

Seat Ibiza Jacuzzi

Is it a car? Is it a jacuzzi? It’s both!

The french artist Benedetto Bufalino, managed to turn a Seat Ibiza Sedan into a refreshing jacuzzi, perfect for these hot summer days that are torturing us.

Public Art Project – BUS

Remember the old fashioned BUS signes on the side of the road? Or the ones painted on the asphalt?

Well, they’re history! History i tell you!

The innovative, playful and parctical BUS sculpture is the future. You can’t miss it, as it’s big enough to catch your sight, comfortable enough to offer you a seat, and tall enough to provide you some shade during hot summer days.

Not only i adds a little something to any street it’s placed on, but it also makes waiting for the bus a little more fun, a little more fashionable if i may say so.

Glass Walls – The Villa Geldrop

Located in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbours around to sneak peak into your yard or house, this type of home would be just perfect. With huge windows and a bedroom located under the ground level, with as many pillows as possible, you can enjoy nature and yet be protected by sun or rain when necessary.

The glass walls that surround the house, allow the sun to flood the house with natural light. During the night you can contemplate the stars and dream to your heart’s desire.

Interactive Facade by Rob Ley

This piece began with an interest in challenging the typical notion of the parking structure as an unappreciated infrastructural typology by transforming the New Eskenazi Hospital parking structure into a sculpted, synthetic landscape. Just as the leaves of a tree define its volume and shape, this piece relies on approximately 7,000 multi-colored aluminum panels (12,500 s.f.) to define a soft, undulating volume on the south side of the structure. As in nature, the volume and shade offered by the piece shies away from harsh, geometric patterning – instead tending towards a gentle, dappled variability in form.

Recreation and Social Interaction – Mi Casa, Your Casa

The Mi Casa, Your Casa project, created and designed by Hector Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena, is meant to bring together social interaction, recreation, performances and art-making activities.

Located in the Siftly Piazza, at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia, the project is now part of their designers-in-residence program.

The installation features 40 three-dimensional open frames in shape of a house that allow visitors to relax, play and create. Hammocks, swings, easels, bins of chalk, and buckets of bubble water, among other elements, offer daytime “playtime” options.