New Holland Folly

The New Holland Folly was designed by Studio 505, whose designers managed to mix the Australian flora, Victorian era cast iron lacework and Australian historical corrugated iron constructions, all in one piece.

With a decorative and inspiring purpose, the folly is both gentle and frail.

Light and Music Mixed in a Swing

It’s not just a Swing, it’s more than that, it sings and brightens the night with music and color.

A great installation with 21 swings, that sings and lights the sky as you swing high. With this installation, all you need is 21 persons that swing and a song is created. Also the swings have illuminated panels under each seating.

The project premiered this June at the Green Box Arts Festival, in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. This installation is also available for international touring, so you can have it in your own city aswell.

Undulating Curves and Lightness – House in King’s Cross by Bartolotto

The roof touches the ground, and yet there is so much light inside. This was the first impression regarding the project designed by Bartolotto in King’s Cross, Canada.

Whimpsical Rugs from Permafrost

Each of the 3 Whimpsical Rugs from Permafrost, has it’s own story behind it – The JD Rug, The Bear Hug and The Giant Leap.

Clothing Care System – SWASH

Time-saver, effort-saver, money-saver! What could you want more from a cleaning system? What more could it do for you?

Intelligent collaboration have P&G and Whirpool thought of. They joined forces and created the SWASH Express Clothing Care System.

The innovative system is meant to reduce light wrinkles for a clean look, neutralize odor and leave clothes smelling clean, restore the fit to your clothes that’s lost after wear, extend the life of your clothes.

Pocket Clock – Kangaroo

It’s a minimalist clock with a kangaroo pocket, designed by the designer David Raffoul for Fabrica.

The pouch is suitable for objects that are used often and almost all the time misplaced, such as keys, pencils or pens.

Another plus (+) is the fact that the colors and texture make it proper for many spaces and it can be mixed in many combinations.

Bridge Bench

Bridge Bench was created by the designer Tal Friedman. It’s a modern bench, perfect for the outdoors.

50′s Retro Kitchen Appliances

It’s all about colors and retro style design, in the kitchen of course!

Pink, orange, lime green, pastel green, stripes and many other options mixed with a retro style design make the 50′s Retro Style Collection appealing and unique.

Unique Poker Table – “All in”

As most of the unique furniture pieces, the “All in” poker table has behind an interesting success story. Designed by the Akke Functional Art Studio, this handmade carved table was a project funded by Matt Gai, an avid poker player.

Later, the table was donated to the World Poker Tour’s Season XI Player of the Year.

Desk With Built in Lamp

A bit out of the ordinary but very useful, the Ring Desk has build in lamp. The Ring Desk was projected and built by the team at Codalangi Design Studio.